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Movie 02/10/2019 12:55

3rd meeting of Azerbaijan National Cinema and Animation Support Project (AMKAD)

Members of the Board - Jannat Salimova, Vasif Babayev, Oktay Mirkasimov, Ayaz Salayev, Vahid Mustafayev attended the AMKAD meeting, People's Artist Fakhraddin Manafov was invited as a guest. The main topics of discussion were Fakhraddin Manafov's election as a member of AMKAD, a screenplay for the film "Bakhtiyar" and a review of BALANS production. As a result of the meeting, Fakhraddin Manafov was accepted into AMKAD's board. Later, Emil Ali's film "Bakhtiyar" was studied in Turkey. The board members unanimously decided that no funds from AMKAD would be made for the film "Bakhtiyar", citing incomprehensibility of the scenario and generally lacking any plot lines, connections and cues. Later, AMKAD members watched the animated series "Friends" and "Comrade" produced by BALANS Studio, and noted that this series plays a great role in the education of children. The next AMKAD meeting will be held in October.


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