Balans Team

BALANS Studio - Professionals team

We take all responsibility for our activities. We are always improving. We have 24 hours to work for you - we're always at work! Our team - animation, film, restoration, sound design, etc. It is composed of competent, attentive and responsible employees who have many years of experience in the field. We are a professional team that provides you with full service in these areas! We are sure that you will be satisfied with the work of our team.

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  • Sevda Hasanova

    General director

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  • Mehriban Mammadova

    Сommercial director

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  • Kamil Karimov

    Chief animator

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  • Mammad Gurbanov

    Cheif Programer

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  • Samir Agayev

    IT specialist

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  • Gulnaz Aliyeva

    Project manager

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  • Tariel Hasanzadeh

    Chief sound officer

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  • Elnara Mustafayeva

    Color Correction specialist

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  • Khavar Alakbarova


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  • Ceyhun Karimli

    Video editor

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  • Islam Bozbakhov

    Sound officer

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  • Nigar Ibrahimova